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This work is currently on view at Praise Shadows Gallery

Stir, Full of, Abounding in

2021   |   Cyanotypes collage, dead plant, pit-fired wild clay fragment, rocks, 8-channel specialized sound, transducers, and other mixed media.   


84'' x 120'' x 3''    |      220 x 305 x 7.6 cm

Stir, Full of, Abounding In features intricate collages of cyanotype photographs taken in the American Southwest, field recordings, and objects collected within the land on three suspended wooden panels, exploring the physicality of image and the materiality of time.

Irreplaceable and irreversible, the violent tearings and the delicate connections represent real tensions in these natural environments. 

As subjective memories morph into the natural landscape, creating a visceral connection between the body and the land, material evidence of the past patiently awaits.

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