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Our collaborative work explores the intersection of geology and contemporary life. We are fascinated by the challenge of locating ourselves within the vastness of geologic time and the ways in which our human experiences are intertwined with the earth's cycles of growth and decay. Reflecting on environmental issues and human dislocation of space, we create visual and aural assemblages using materials both foraged from nature and from our daily surroundings.  
Through a tactile and sensorial approach, we construct installations and sculptures that  interweave the personal, the human, and the terrestrial with the otherworldly and metaphorical. By conducting research on and in sites that have undergone under-recognized yet drastic changes, we aim to draw attention to the mutual empathy amongst materials, people, and land. 
Our process begins with an intimate and private journey and evolves into a more holistic approach through which we combine scientific research and crafting in situ. We use electricity, magnetism, and sound to activate images, forms, and found objects, and to build sensory channels between the human experience and the time of the earth.  

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