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Vanishing Points

2021-2022 on-going   |   Rocks, ceramics, bronze, dead plants, living moss, sand, transparency, films, cyanotypes, scores, 3D carved photo, turntable, trace light box, digital projectors, lamps, and other mixed media.   

Dimensions vary

Using materials sourced both locally and from remote regions in the west, the ongoing installation on Governors Island explores how a construction of the fragmented wholes brings the multitude of functionalities, identities, and meanings together, and us into proximity with such process.  


Whether it is carefully rearranged shards of broken ceramic molds of tree scars, or a video projection of metal-chasing on a boulder in a snowstorm, each layer or module is supported and balanced by an unique object sourced by the artists from their expeditions often in the wilderness, at borders, as well as on sovereign and federal lands.

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