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This work is currently on view at Chain Theatre New York.


2023   |   Pit-fired ceramics, subsonic vibration, epoxy clay, assorted animal bone, cast bronze, coral, volcanic rock, wood, bone conducting transmitters, lichen, hardware, electromagnetic sensors, field recordings, and performance    


36" x 36" x 132"

Gathering to recollect, connect, and resonate with geological memories, WEND is a performance installation that gestures our eyes and ears, bodies and spirits towards the telluric, the decaying, the transitory, and the unfixed. In the work, both digital and ecological relics encode, meld, and activate each other to perform the becoming of an interspecific entity. WEND redirects the passive spectator’s gaze, pivoting instead to stage an embodied and ecological rhythm of time and perception. The audience will be invited to partake in the performance, with their involvement unfolding through close observation, auditory attentiveness, tactile exploration, and resonance.

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